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American Notary Group - "become-a-notary" Corporate Program

ANG's State-Approved Notary Education Meets California's Mandatory Notary Education Requirement.

Quality Education is Guaranteed!

Quality Education & Supplies:

Brief Introduction:

The benefits of considering American Notary Group to train and prepare your staff to become notaries in California are limitless! Not only you will benefit from the experience of our professional resources, but also, you will enjoy the benefits of a full-house, A to Z notary company. In other words, we will train, supply, and on your behalf, complete the proper procedures for your staff to be efficiently commissioned as notaries in California.

A Helping Hand: Understanding the Notarization Process

American Notary Group has extended its professional service for numerous organizations in understanding the important role of the Notary Public in our society. We are eager to share our knowledge and expertise with you and your staff. Call us at (323)349-0860, for further details! Or, e-mail us at:

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Notary Corporate Program - Seminar Requirements:

If you have 15 or more employees interested in becoming notaries in California, we will help you do so! We will simplify the process for you by providing a-step-by-step guidelines for your staff to follow in order to be efficiently and professionally successful in obtaining their notary commissions.

The notary education (seminar) will be conducted on-site, most likely in a class room setting provided by your company, at your location. If no space is available, we will provide your staff with the needed space through a mutually agreed upon location.

How much does it cost?

The seminar cost is guaranteed to be reasonable and less than most equally competitive education providers. We guarantee to share with you and your staff quality education, and superb training.

Call us at (323)349-0860 for pricing details! Or, e-mail us at:

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State Proctored Notary Examination:

We will speed up the process for your staff by providing each participant with the needed application, study materials, and the procedure on how the process works. A detailed explanation will be discussed with you as the process is implemented and agreed upon. Call us at (323)349-0860 for further details!

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Notary Supplies & Services:

Your staff will enjoy the benefits of quality produced notary supplies, at a reasonably priced cost. The following services and products are provided for your information:

  • Preliminary commission process, application and seminar enrollment;
  • Notary education and training;
  • State proctored exam coordination and confirmation;
  • Notary supplies, complete line of notary products at a discounted rate;
  • Notary promotion from the Internet Directory,;
  • Notary Insurance services (Bonds and Errors & Omissions - 0C32215) are offered at a discounted rate; and
  • Superb notary technical support.

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Our promise to you!

  • To professionally train your staff, and provide them with quality notary education in order for them to be professional and efficient notaries;
  • To provide and equip them with the essential notary supplies mandated by State law;
  • To provide them with technical support after they are commissioned as notaries. Such support would make them abreast of the new rules and regulations governing notaries in California;
  • To guarantee your staff will satisfactory pass the state proctored exam;
  • To prepare your staff to be professional and well trained notaries public; and
  • To guarantee the most reasonable fee available in the market. We match competitors' fees, (just provide a written estimate).

Call us at (323)349-0860 for further details!

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Q u e s t i o n s & A n s w e r s

How long does it take to become a Notary Public in California?

Under normal circumstances it takes approximately ten-weeks to become a Notary Public in California.

Is your seminar’s fee competitive?

Yes, we guarantee the best competitive fees available in the market for the services offered. Most often, your fee is tax deductible.

What if we don’t have enough staff to meet the seminar requirements?

15 or more participants are required for the in-house notary seminar. If you have less staff available, contact our office for other flexible arrangements.

Why American Notary Group?

We will share with your staff years of experience, quality education, professional team of Instructors, quality notary supplies, and superb follow-up technical support. Simply, we care about your company’s success!

Call us at (323)349-0860 for further details!

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Contact us at (323)349-0860 for further details!

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