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Dear Notary:

In its effort to add to your notary knowledge and enhance your notary skills, the American Notary Group extends to you this exclusive offer to help you promote your notary or loan signing services while providing you with quality education, training and superb technical support that will keep you abreast of the latest rules and regulations governing your duties, responsibilities and functions as a notary public.

Special Offer: You pay only $75.83 for two-year comprehensive technical support with the American Notary Group, including State tax and you will receive $193.51 worth of valuable notary products and services, giving you an instant $117.68 free saving. It's that simple!

This distinguished affiliation with the American Notary Group includes:

  • Two-year comprehensive notary technical support.

  • Free Four-year Notary Listing from the Internet Notary Directory,

  • Free Display Notary Decal.

A $193.51 worth of valuable products and services are yours for the total amount of $75.83, giving you an instant saving of $117.68 - Source Code 72931

NOT  $193.51             ONLY $75.83

A total of $75.83 - To accept this offer, please continue to our secured cart,

Offer expires on December 31, 2017. Not redeemable for cash value.
Description of Products and Services Included in this Exclusive Offer:



Free Four-Year Notary Listing from *



Two-Year Comprehensive Notary technical Support



Free Display Notary Decal (size 4"x8")



Shipping & Handling



California Sales Tax



Special Offer - Discounted Amount



You Pay Only


* Up to the expiration date of your current notary commission. Subject to offer rules and conditions.

A Professional and A Well Trained and Informed Notary Public

Since the establishment of the American Notary Group in 1995, our primary objective has been to enhance the professional image of California's notaries. We have provided our clients and members with the necessary notary tools, including essential information, education, training, and technical support that a professional notary needs in order to perform successfully her or his official duties.

The American Notary Group is a State-approved notary education provider.

Thank you for your patronage. Please visit us again!

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